Kristel Solomon-Saleem
Learner Support Director
In her 10th year as the school’s Learner Support Director, Kristel is committed to HKA’s mission to provide a learning environment that is diverse and inclusive of a range of learners. Her belief in the possibilities and unseen potential of a lifelong learner has led her to explore ongoing opportunities to support parents and teachers in their work with all students.
Bonnie Zhang
HKA Mandarin Co-Teacher
Bonnie is dedicated to creating a vibrant and dynamic Mandarin learning environment for students of all backgrounds and encourage them to use Mandarin as a living language.
Claire Williams
Technology Integrator & Coach
Claire is an enthusiastic educator committed to developing empathetic and socially responsible digital citizens whilst exploring maker ‘design thinking’ skills through innovative activities and challenges.
Rachel Strozeski
1rén Teacher / Primary School Literacy Coordinator
Rachel looks for opportunities to share the joys of reading and writing with both students and teachers. She values making choice and ownership available in her literacy classroom alongside making her own reading and writing visible for her students.
Stephen Dare
Head of School
Ochan Kusuma-Powell
Educational Consultant
Nicole Zhang
Playgroup Mandarin Teacher
Nicole is passionate about immersing young learners in a language rich environment and believes that Mandarin should be communicated in a way that is natural and authentic.
Mandy Chan
EC Mandarin Teacher
Mandy is interested in teaching children Mandarin through different fun and interesting activities, she is also passionate to share her knowledge about Chinese culture.
Laurena Chen
Occupational Therapist
Laurena believes that it takes just one person whether it be a parent, a teacher or a mentor to help cultivate an individual's gifts and strengths. 
Carla Nagel
Primary School Counsellor
Carla firmly believes that social-emotional development is vital for children to reach their true potential.  Social-emotional learning tools and strategies can enhance learning experiences, exploration, interactions and solve problems.