Sensory Preferences

Have you ever wondered why your child prefers wearing certain fabric or clothing?  Or that your child enjoys touching everything in sight? Is there a food that your child avoids eating because of its texture or taste? Is your child sensitive to loud or crowded environments?

If you’ve noticed any of these behaviours, you’ve identified that your child may have a specific “sensory preference” – a dislike or desire for a specific sensation. 

Join us to learn and how our bodies receive and process sensory information daily and how this can often surface as challenging behaviour. 

We will explore sensory activities and tools that provide children with the sensory fuel their body needs to get into an organized state. You will also discover your own sensory-motor preferences and the impact it has on your state of alertness and daily life.

Sensory Preferences
Occupational Therapist
Laurena believes that it takes just one person whether it be a parent, a teacher or a mentor to help cultivate an individual's gifts and strengths. 
Early Childhood Teacher
Cheryl is passionate about supporting young learners to feel heard and understood and ensuring children have the opportunity to express themselves through play.
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