Resilience & Readiness

Tackling transitions can be challenging because leaving the comfort of the “known” is stressful for both children and adults. 

We know that it’s not possible to protect children from all stressful experiences, nor would we want to. We want for children to learn to cope with stressful situations and develop resilience. 

Transitions bring a unique set of social and emotional challenges. Join us to learn more about the different approaches and strategies to use to guide children and families through changes and transitions.


Resilience & Readiness
Primary School Counsellor
Carla firmly believes that social-emotional development is vital for children to reach their true potential.  Social-emotional learning tools and strategies can enhance learning experiences, exploration, interactions and solve problems.
Early Childhood Teacher
Cheryl is passionate about supporting young learners to feel heard and understood and ensuring children have the opportunity to express themselves through play.
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