Language Learning

Are you interested to learn more about how the brain learns language? Join Bonnie Zhang, Mandarin Co-Teacher and Cheryl Shanahan, Playgroup Teacher and to explore how research impacts our teaching at Hong Kong Academy and how you can support language learning at home. 

您想了解更多关于大脑如何习得语言吗?邀请您与亲子班老师Cheryl Shanahan及小学部中文助教Bonnie Zhang一起,探讨学术研究对香港学堂的教学的影响,以及您可以如何在家帮助孩子的语言学习。

Language Learning
HKA Mandarin Co-Teacher
Bonnie is dedicated to creating a vibrant and dynamic Mandarin learning environment for students of all backgrounds and encourage them to use Mandarin as a living language.
Early Childhood Teacher
Cheryl is passionate about supporting young learners to feel heard and understood and ensuring children have the opportunity to express themselves through play.
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