Developing authentic and purposeful IBMYP interdisciplinary units

Workshop Description:

This practical one day workshop takes participants through a fun step by step process of creating authentic and focused interdisciplinary units. It provides teachers with ideas, approaches and creative strategies for the development of engaging interdisciplinary project based teaching and learning. The workshop will benefit teachers in their curriculum delivery through the development of interdisciplinary units and approaches to these.


Learning Outcomes:

Teachers will:

  • consider interdisciplinary teaching and learning its value;
  • engage with strategies for developing collaboration;
  • examine approaches to interdisciplinary planning;
  • explore how key concepts, related concepts and global contexts can be effective tools for planning;
  • examine assessment tasks.


Target Audience:

The workshop is designed for IBMYP teachers responsible for developing interdisciplinary units and those involved in supporting others in the development of units. It is relevant for individuals or teams (subject team, year group team, for example).

Developing authentic and purposeful IBMYP interdisciplinary units
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