Calm The Chaos Part 3

Last academic year, we explored the beginning steps into understanding various stressors that can drive behaviour to the surface. We learned about 5 domains, biological, cognitive, emotional, social and prosocial stressors and how these can impact our children and ourselves. 


We will take this knowledge one step further to develop a plan for how we can identify and reduce stressors in our families to ensure that we are setting ourselves up for success. 


Please note that attending Part 1 & 2 is not a prerequisite. We will be offer a review that will refresh the memories of those that attended last year and to support new participants to get up to speed with the past content.

Learner Support
Nicole is passionate about supporting and providing opportunities for growth both for parents, teachers, and children, helping to develop an understanding of how children communicate through their behaviour.
Early Childhood Teacher
Cheryl is passionate about supporting young learners to feel heard and understood and ensuring children have the opportunity to express themselves through play.
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