Professional Learning at HKA

At Hong Kong Academy, we believe that professional learning experiences should be collaborative, contextual and relevant–just like the learning that occurs in our classrooms each day. By providing dynamic professional learning opportunities both internally and in partnership with the broader international school community, we seek to nurture the development of self-directed individuals who are passionate about embarking on the next steps of their own professional learning journeys.


Hong Kong Academy is a dynamic learning community that provides a rigorous international education characterised by mutual benefit and support. As an educational leader, HKA empowers learners to pursue pathways to individual excellence by fostering creativity, communication and problem-solving skills. HKA learners develop an evolving understanding of our changing world, leading them to engage in responsible action motivated by their interests, strengths and ongoing reflection. HKA is committed to maintaining a diverse, collaborative and captivating learning environment in which students become adaptable, confident and tolerant, equipping them for the future.

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